Euga Male Voice Choir

The Euga Male Voice Choir was founded in July 2011 by a group of young and enthusiastic musicians. The choir consists of 25 experienced choral singers, many of whom also study music. Most of the singers live in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere, hence the choir works in three cities, giving concerts several times a year. Euga performs a wide range of music, both maintaining old traditions and creating a new culture of male voice singing: the group’s repertoire includes pieces from Gregorian chants and Romantic male choir classics to commissions of contemporary music, and also pieces combining classical male choir sound with electronic music. As a young male choir, Euga is a rare instrument and aims to exploit its uniqueness by fostering a bright and well-balanced sound.

In May 2013, the Euga Male Voice Choir attended the Sixth Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival and was awarded first prize in the 40 Voices and Under category in the international singing competition. A year later, Euga was honored to represent Finland in Vienna by performing in the ‘Europe Sings!’ concert organized by the European Broadcasting Union and the Austrian National Broadcasting Company. In April 2015, Euga won the VI International Leevi Madetoja Male Choir Competition in Tampere, Finland, and in January 2016, Euga gave a concert with the German-Nordic Youth Philharmonic at the Berliner Philharmonie. In the summer of 2018 Euga won the Grand Prix award in the international Bratislava Choir Festival where Euga competed in two categories (sacral music and male voice music).  Euga’s first CD, Ex Hibernis, contains Christmas music and was released in the year 2015.


The Euga Male Voice Choir is conducted by Visa Yrjölä (b. 1992). He received his Master of Music degree in choral conducting from the Sibelius Academy (University of the Arts, Helsinki) in 2018. He has also done exchange studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Besides the artistic leadership of the Euga Male Voice Choir, he conducts two award-winning groups, the Kaamos Chamber Choir and the Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL. Yrjölä has attended several masterclasses organized by Tenso, The European Network for Professional Chamber Choirs, working with Cappella Amsterdam, the Helsinki Chamber Choir, the Netherlands Chamber Choir, the Slovenian Philharmonic Choir and the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir. In 2013, the Tampere Vocal Music Festival awarded Visa Yrjölä a special prize for a young and promising conductor, and in June 2018 he was awarded the best conductor’s prize at the Bratislava Choir Festival.





Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

14.12.2019 Klo 19.00 , Someron kirkko, Somero


Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

13.12.2019 Klo 19.00 , Martinkirkko, Turku


Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

8.12.2019 Klo 19.00 , Olaus Petrin kirkko, Helsinki


Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

7.12.2019 Klo 19.00 , Tampereen Tuomiokirkko, Tampere


Elements of Euga – Water

27.10.2019 Klo 17.00 , Turun Linna, Kuninkaansali


Chorbiennale Aachen, kuorofestivaali

13.6.2019 – 20.6.2019 , Aachen, Saksa

Mieskuoro Eugaa on pyydetty Aacheniin edustamaan pohjoismaista mieskuoromusiikkia, jonka ilosanomaa lähdemme Saksaan riemulla hoilaamaan!

Eugan Äitienpäiväkonsertti yhdessä Niina Alitalon kanssa

12.5.2019 Klo 19.00 , Someron Seurakuntakeskus

Ohjelma: 20€ (aik.) 15€ (eläkeläiset) ja 10€ (äidit, opiskelijat, lapset ja varusmiehet)

Suomalainen mieskuorolaulu 200-vuotta juhlakonsertti Turussa

7.5.2019 Klo 19.00 , Turun Konserttitalo

Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

22.12.2018 Klo 19.00 , Martinkirkko, Turku


Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

21.12.2018 Klo 19.00 , Olaus Petrin kirkko, Helsinki


Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

15.12.2018 Klo 19.00 , Messukylän kirkko, Tampere


Hankien kätkemää -joulukonsertti

14.12.2018 Klo 19.00 , Someron kirkko, Somero


BalticWeekend -konsertti

27.10.2018 Klo 19.00 , Martinkirkko, Turku

Liput: 10€

Vabaduse laulud – Baltia 100 vuotta!

26.10.2018 Klo 19.00 , Tampereen tuomiokirkko, Tampere

Ohjelmat: 20/15/10€

Bratislava Choir Festival

14.6.2018 – 17.6.2018 , Bratislava, Slovakia

Game Music Collective On Tour -pelimusiikkikonsertti

29.5.2018 Klo 19.00 , Logomo-sali, Turku

Game Music Collective On Tour -pelimusiikkikonsertti

26.5.2018 Klo 19.00 , Tampere-talo, Tampere

Ouvrons les portes de l’amour – Visa Yrjölän kuoronjohdon A-tutkintokonsertti

12.5.2018 Klo 18.00 , Paavalinkirkko, Helsinki

Game Music Collective On Tour -pelimusiikkikonsertti

5.5.2018 Klo 20.15 , Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki

Miekuoro Euga & Sabrina ja Saarten tyttäret – “Voisi jo lempiä”

29.4.2018 Klo 13.00 , Balderin sali, Helsinki

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